For the educator.

Not only are the Mobile Junk and Nature Playgrounds lots of fun, they are also very educational. With every session booked an educator pack is supplied. This highlights various aspects of the sessions and what learning may be happening. The most obvious one for example is the subject of sustainability. All the materials used are either sourced from sustainably  grown forest, or recycled from junk. (we prefer the term, re-invented)

gobbler trap

What looks like a chaotic mess is actually a carefully designed 'green gobbler' trap.

One of the learning outcomes in the Early Years Learning Framework, and My Time our Place (outcome 2) is about becoming socially responsible and showing respect for the environment. Sustainability is also one of the three cross-curriculum priorities of the Australian curriculum.

The sessions are also designed to meet certain areas in the National Quality Standards.

- Element 1.1.1

Curriculum decision making contributes to each child’s learning and development outcomes in relation to their identity, connection with community, wellbeing, confidence as learners and effectiveness as communicators.

- Standard 3.3

The service takes an active role in caring for its environment and contributes to a sustainable future.

- Standard 6.3

The service collaborates with other organisations and service providers to enhance children’s learning and wellbeing.

Forestry worker cutting wheels and plates for a kindy

A forestry worker cutting up some open ended loose parts for a kindy

Mobile Junk and Nature Playground and ACARA.

Click here to read an indepth report on a grade 2 class, and their learning  connected to the ACARA framework.

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