We believe when children engage hands on with nature, then a love of nature will grow. To climb a tree, and reflect upon the world from the new vantage point, or to discover the world’s biggest centipede under a rock that sat undisturbed next to your backdoor are nature experiences that you carry for the rest of your life. 

Many of today’s conservationist broke branches off of trees to build cubbies, dammed creeks so they could swim, or brought animals home from the bush so they could watch them in more detail. While we don’t support wilful damage of nature, we do believe children need to engage, hands on as children do, to really experience nature. Why would a child grow up wanting to save the forest, if the forest was nothing more than a ‘look but don’t touch’ display. It’s those memories of interaction with nature that cements the love of nature in us.

 Cubby    burnt tree

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