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There was a time when the children would go down to the local creek and spend all day building great forts and cubby houses. A grand cubby house was not something that your Dad bought from Bunnings or something a cubby house designer installed in your backyard, looking like a miniature mansion and costing nearly as much!

Cubby houses and forts grew from a ramshackle collection of broken branches and old sheets of galvanized iron or whatever else was available. Sometimes the cubby house or fort would collapse all around you and you would rock up home with a few more cuts and bruises. These are badges of honour and certificates in mastering the act of cubby house building. Tim Gill, a world leading thinker in the area of risk benefit assessment says this is a dying art in the modern bubble wrap world and it is leading to an increase in children’s injuries as the modern child is not developing risk assessment skills.

giant cubby

Using branches, sticks, and stones to create cubby houses helps children develop strong problem solving skills. Renowned natural playground designer Adam Bienenstock says that standardised playgrounds standardize children’s creativity. The open-ended nature of sticks and rocks mean more creativity.

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