Mobile junk and nature playground also has a party mode. Whether it’s a birthday, festival date, or you just need a junk and nature party, mobile junk and nature playground will come to you. As long as you have an outdoor space, we can squeeze in. You don’t have an outdoor space? Why not book a show at your local park. The mobile junk and nature playground party mode is:

  • Suitable for ages 1-12
  • Can support up to 5-90 children
  • Run by an early childhood teacher with current police checks and 20+ years’ experience.
  • Cost from $230 for a 2-hour session

What does a party session look like?

If you want a version with mud, then it will look messy. Mud sculptures, mud painting, mud squishing. All sessions have cubby building. In fact the construction is limited to your children’s imagination. Why not build a bus and then take all your friends down to a crocodile infested swamp for a swim? If you are up for it, build a spaceship and fly to the moon.

Junk drums are perfect for getting into dancing and singing mode, and you cant go anywhere without the chance to go on real bug hunts.  There are plenty of nature-based party games to play as well. For more details email me at