P.D. Sessions

Brains having a catch up and learning

Understanding a need to share the progress of the loose parts play movement in South Australia, Glenn has begun stand-alone Professional Development sessions. The main focus has been on natural and sustainably sourced loose parts in the outdoor environments. Throughout the years he has spoken on the logistics and barriers faced when creating these environments, the benefits for vulnerable and disadvantaged children, how it supports literacy and numeracy, and the risky play aspects. Often sites would have a specific interest they would like addressed, for instance, regulations, and department policies, others would like to see connections between loose parts play and the major theorist on children’s development. Each PD session is tailored to suit the needs of the people booking it. Whether it is a quiet reflective chat with a single site or a large conference gathering of a 100 plus audience, Glenn, through his passionate belief in the benefits of these environments, is able to share his experiences and understandings and spread the loose parts play philosophy like an unstoppable virus.

Prices for PD sessions vary depending on length , content, and location. Contact us for more details.